Monday, September 22, 2014

Why I Am Voting for Lee Terry

Some pro-life friends asked me to endorse Republican Lee Terry. They are worried that conservatives won't vote for Terry and he'll lose to pro-choice Democrat Brad Ashford. I said I could not endorse Terry. An endorsement is a seal of approval. I said I would explain why I am voting for Terry. I submitted my explanation to the Terry campaign September 12. As of today I have not heard from the Terry campaign, but that campaign or any other entity is welcome to use my statement, which you can see by clicking below.

Let me tell you a story about what happens when conservatives boycott elections.

In 2008, I was a Republican running for reelection to the Douglas County Board against Democrat Marc Kraft. Kraft got 13,882 votes, a 7% increase over what my Democratic opponent got in 2004.

In 2004, I won with 14,426 votes. I lost in 2008 because I got 11,925 votes, a 17% decrease. 

That was the election in which Barack Obama won the electoral vote in our congressional district, but there was no overwhelming surge of Democratic votes. What happened was that many Republicans and conservative Democrats and Independents stayed home, curled in a fetal position waiting for the Obama tsunami to crash through and subside.

The postscript to that story is that after 4 years of no increase in the county property tax rate, one of the first things Kraft did was provide the swing vote to raise county property taxes 8% instead of cut spending 4% to balance the county budget.

The point is that elections have consequences. Not voting has consequences.

Which brings us to this year’s 2nd District race for Congress.

The only perfect candidate is the one you see in the mirror. If you aren’t running, then you must choose the candidate whose views are closest to yours.

In this race, that’s Lee Terry.

His Democratic opponent, Brad Ashford, is a pro-choice liberal/progressive who will be an advocate and sure vote for the Obama agenda. If you want more of what Barack Obama stands for, then vote for Brad Ashford or don't vote at all.

If you agree with me that President Obama is leading this country in the wrong direction, and if you share my alarm at the erosion of our freedom and the undermining of family values that has accelerated under his leadership, then you and I must engage in this race.

You probably know that I was preparing to run against Lee Terry and Brad Ashford by petition in the general election. I have decided to wait until 2016, but that doesn’t mean I’m sitting out this election as a voter, and neither should you. Conservative values are under siege. We can’t afford the loss of ground to the left that would occur if Lee Terry loses.

Lee just received an endorsement and perfect 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee. He has voted against the Obama agenda and needs the votes of all who oppose that agenda.

I urge you to join me in voting for Lee Terry. 

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