Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope of Firsts (Our Son Was There!)

The first Francis. The first non-European. The first Latin American. The first Jesuit. I wonder if he intends to honor, invoke, and emulate Francis of Assisi or his Jesuit forebear, Francis Xavier. Maybe both.

This also is the first pope whose installation was witnessed in person by one of my children. Otoniel Francisco Maxwell, our son, Skyped us yesterday and showed us video from inside the Mass that the cardinals celebrated before heading into the Sistine Chapel Tuesday. Today Pam, my wife, found a picture from the Mass on the Internet and you can see Oto in the crowd.

Then today EWTN announces the white smoke, cuts to a crowd shot in St. Peter's Square, and the first face you see is Oto. We didn't see it live. A friend called to say she saw Oto on TV. We saw it when EWTN went back to replay the moment when the white smoke was seen.

I hope he didn't trample any nuns to get to the front of the rope line. The nuns I saw years ago at a papal audience were the ones doing the trampling, so I imagine all was well.

Viva il Papa!


Charles Francis Maxwell, III

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