Monday, March 18, 2013

Alliance Not Involved in Smearing Stothert

The Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector has nothing to do with the recent slams on Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Jean Stothert.

The hit piece saying Stothert is the equivalent of pro-choice House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was put out by the Omaha Alliance for the Public Trust. The insulting T-shirt now bedeviling Councilman Chris Jerram was put out by Suck My Private Sector.

Apparently some person or group is trying to confuse the public and make it seem that the Omaha Alliance for the Private Sector is involved. Or maybe it's just a cheap shot at the Alliance. The same person or group trying to malign Stothert probably also is on the opposite side of the Alliance on the issues that motivate the smear campaign against Stothert.

I am no longer the executive director of the Alliance, but my Saturday morning KFAB show is sponsored by the Alliance and I certainly remain a friend of the Alliance. I trust that the Alliance has built a solid enough reputation for spirited-but-fair advocacy, without a taint of the kind of nonsense now happening, that there is no doubt in the minds of citizens that the Alliance is not involved in the negativity being focused on Stothert.

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