Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sixth Omaha Mayoral Contender

Click below for the news release issued yesterday by a new entrant in the 2013 race for mayor of Omaha.

Omaha has another candidate entering the race for mayor. John Sciara, 25 year veteran of the US Air Force and the US Army Reserve with two tours overseas will enter the race for mayor.

I served my country for twenty five years, now I want to serve my community.

I believe that fresh ideas can come from someone that has not been involved in politics before. I saw problems in Omaha while I was serving overseas and either you just complain about the problems or you decide to do something about them. I want to do something about the problems that Omaha is facing.

I want to increase the number of jobs in North Omaha. There are over 700 homes scheduled for demolition and we could create new jobs not by tearing them down but by restoring them to allow families to move into them. Repairing those homes will create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods and help reduce crime in North Omaha.

John served in the Air Force for twelve years as a Jet Engine Mechanic Instructor and then twelve years in the Army Reserve as a medical equipment repair specialist and then as a water purification supervisor. John served a tour to Iraq in 2004-5 and another tour stationed in Kuwait in 2009-10. He retired from the Army reserves in 2011.

Currently John is attending Creighton University as a political science student working towards his bachelor’s degree.

Contact information for John Sciara for Omaha Mayor:

7914 W Dodge Suite 304
Omaha NE. 68114
402 541-2965

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