Saturday, December 01, 2012

Lee Terry Says Republicans Are "Screwed" Either Way on Fiscal Cliff

No kidding. When you play the Democrats' game and keep preserving the federal welfare/entitlement system, it's a no-win scenario for Republicans.

Terry is concerned that if Republicans cave in to Democratic demands for tax increases to avert the fiscal cliff, that will anger the Republican base. But if Republicans hold their ground on taxes and the country goes over the fiscal cliff into recession, Democrats and their media allies will blame Republicans for it.

The number one option for Republicans is to blow the whistle on the federal welfare/entitlement system and declare that it's time to work our way out of it.

Republicans (at least those in leadership) are not likely to do that. They are more likely to agree to tax increases and/or raise the debt ceiling again. If so, they MUST get something tangible in return such as a balanced budget amendment.

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OmaSteak said...

This is all about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. What people should focus on is building lifeboats...which in this case are financial plans to mitigate the worst of the coming storm and an actionable plan for escape when/if the "stuff" really hits the fan. Thinking or talking about "fixing" anything at any level of our current political system is rearranging the deck chairs. If you aren't now or soon to be part of the political class, then it's up to you to save yourself and your loved ones. Trust me, when the moochers and looters are in the streets, it's already too late. Get smart and focus like a laser sight on what you can control and leave the "rearranging" to folks who just like to hear themselves talking.