Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank a Veteran

It's never too late.

During the summer I was hosting a show on KFAB and talking about a rally in Omaha honoring veterans, especially those who served in Korea (the "forgotten" war) and Vietnam (the lefty-brats-spitting-on-soldiers-returning-home war). It was happening while the show was on the air. We got a call or two from people at the rally. It was great.

Several veterans called during the show to thank the public. I asked a Vietnam vet if it was bittersweet -- too little, too late -- to have a thank-you come 40 years after the fact.

The guy choked up and took a glass-half-full attitude, saying he was deeply grateful to have his and his fellow veterans' service saluted by society.

It reminded me of a line from one of the Rambo movies. The issue of moody Vietnam vets came up. Rambo said he would die for his country and that all he and other Vietnam vets want was for their country to love them as much as they love their country.

Mission accomplished. Today even lefties who don't like war generally honor, or at least respect, the warriors who voluntary step into harm's way when duty calls.

God bless the veterans.

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