Saturday, November 03, 2012

Psychic Suzanna Interviews "The World's Most Interesting Man"

Actually, it was me, but you'll understand if you listen to the interview.

I became pals with Suzanna Stickney, a/k/a Psychic Suzanna, at the recent series of presidential and vice presidential candidate debate-watch parties hosted by KFAB. Suzanna does not get cheated. She cheers. She jeers. She has opinions and is not shy about sharing them.

She invited me to join her on her Sunday night 7:30 show to talk about my book. She ended up being more interested in my family and how it came together.

I was a little nervous about sitting down with a psychic, but my wife noted when I got home that Suzanna is a teacher and healer trying to help people get to better places in all facets of their lives. She was especially pleased by the spiritual we-all-need-to-help-each-other theme of Suzanna's advice to callers.

And I got to meet Sunday Night Jim! He and Suzanna were very gracious to me and made more fuss over me than I deserved.

Click here for my interview on Life with Psychic Suzanna. I encourage you to listen to the entire show, but you are pressed for time my interview begins at 19 minutes.

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