Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Trunks, But Same Fake Brawl

In my book I refer to Democrats and Republicans fighting for control of a boat that's headed for the fiscal falls. Maybe I should have used professional wrestling as the model: put on a good show for the fans, but we know how it turns out and nobody really gets hurt.

This "fiscal cliff" hysteria is getting annoying. No one in the leadership of either party will speak the truth: The welfare/entitlement system developed over the last 80 years has proven itself a failure. We have to work our way out of it.

Instead, partisans go through the motions of battle but will adopt a status quo "solution" that doesn't address the true crisis.

I'll stay with the fiscal falls analogy. In pro wrestling, the crisis is manufactured for fun and there's no impending disaster looming because of failed leadership. Our fiscal crisis is real and we are moving toward a Niagra Falls-scale shock that makes the "fiscal cliff" look like child's play.

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