Monday, November 05, 2012

Nebraska Football: Media Tune Would Be Different If They Paid

People say media that cover Nebraska football are soft because they don't want to anger the head coach and lose access. I think there's another reason.

Media don't pay. It's their job. They don't block out a day for a home game and a weekend for a road game. They don't spend money on tickets and other expenses associated with attending games. A fan can rack up a thousand dollars in expenses attending a road game.

I keep thinking of the guy I know who has to spend more than $300 per ticket for season tickets to home games. His tab for the season is $8,500 for four tickets because he has to make extra donations to preserve access to the tickets.

Media are gushing about quarterback Taylor Martinez leading a comeback victory at Michigan State and saying the Big Red is improving. Fans who pay to participate in the Big Red experience aren't sure. Our defense can't stop even a bad offense such as Michigan State. Our offense is explosive, but sometimes the explosions damage Nebraska instead of the opponent.

Martinez is a remarkable athlete who probably will set a record for total offense at Nebraska that will stand forever. But his fumbles, interceptions, and bad decisions are too frequent and too costly.

The best team in the Big 10 (Ohio State) is ineligible for the conference championship game, so Nebraska is in good position to win the Big 10. But it's hard to see Nebraska being a Top 10 team with Martinez at quarterback.

I doubt the media would be so generous with praise if they were paying Top 10 prices for a brand of football that is far from Top 10.

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