Sunday, November 25, 2012

Listener: Some Fail to Understand History

Our conversation on Good Morning Saturday prompted a thoughtful and detailed email from a listener. Click immediately below to read it.

It is so refreshing to hear your informed commentary on Saturday mornings. This morning I was impressed with your articulation of the principle political reality of our nation today. Very few people have the grasp of history that you possess and the ability to articulate reality in a common sense mode.

I too am a practicing Catholic and have MAs in International Relations, Communication, and Theology. I was educated in historical analysis at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service in the early 1960s before that beloved institution became a socialist indoctrination center. (The height of my disgust with my alma mater was when they covered up the Jesuit symbol at the front of Gaston Hall at Obama's request. I would have told him that the symbol stays or he does not speak.)

Here's my overall reflection on the current reality. Our Constitutional system is based on Judeo-Christian ethics and morals as expressed by Jesus' truth as proclaimed in the Gospels. The Marxist alternative was articulated by Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. The same basic objectives are laid out in each document. The difference is that Jesus approaches love and service as a freely chosen effort to follow His example. If we screw it up He forgives us and gives us another chance. Marx establishes the dictatorship of the proletariat. The dictatorship decides everything and if you screw up you are eliminated.

This experiment has universally failed. Our population (particularly Catholics) confuse Jesus and Marx. They believe that they are identical. They don't care about how societies have applied Marxism. They don't realize that China's limited success has to do with slave labor and the gulag. The same is true of the former Soviet Union as they drift back into socialism and communism under their former KGB master.

They often know the history of Hitler and the Third Reich because the socialists (lead by the Soviet propaganda machine) disowned and set the system up as the opposite of their beloved communist utopia. Most Americans don't known that Nazi stands for national socialist (exactly the philosophy of our Marxist revolutionary--not democrat or liberal) regime today.

Actually our beloved president is probably an international communist. Remember that Stalin had Trotsky executed for trying to spread communism internationally. He and Lenin believed that 'communism in one nation' came first, and they did not want any rivals to power. Trotsky was becoming too powerful and had to be executed like the other Jews in the politburo.

You probably knew Ross Horning who was a graduate mentor of mine in the early 70s. He taught me a lot of Russian history.

Keep up the good work. If you do decide to run for Congress you can count on my support.

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