Friday, November 16, 2012

GOP Lesson from Ewing Win in Douglas County: Move Right

Lee Terry lost Douglas County to John Ewing. Does that mean the Republican Party has to move left and become more liberal or progressive?


One of the arguments against me running for Congress is that I might be able to win a Republican primary, but then would lose the general election because I would be considered too conservative by most voters. The special interests that fuel the Democratic machine would defeat a true Tea Party candidate. I can already see a throw-granny-over-the-cliff ad revised just for me with the Paul Ryan look-alike changed to a guy with brown hair, glasses, a big nose, and what's left of a Clearasil poster child complexion.

There is that risk, but there's nothing to lose so let's go for it.

Nothing to lose? The Republican Party will have held the congressional seat for 16 years. It would be huge to lose it to the Democratic Party.

Yes, but the future of the country is at stake. Having a majority of Lee Terrys in Congress has not stopped the nation's journey toward fiscal self-destruction. Having an "R" in the seat is not enough. We need an "R" that's going to fight to pull the country back to the right, not raise the debt ceiling and leave Social Security unreformed. Sending that kind of status quo "R" to Washington might mean a slower fiscal death than sending a "D," but the result is the same.

Plenty of Democrats, Independents, and other non-Republicans realize this. That's why Mitt Romney won Douglas County. He got more votes then President Obama, Ewing, Terry, and even Bob Kerrey, who beat Deb Fischer in Douglas County.

Romney found his stride in the last month of the campaign making the Tea Party argument for fiscal reform. He won Douglas County.

The future, for Douglas County and the nation, is the Tea Party. Will the local and state GOP have the guts to embrace it?

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