Friday, November 09, 2012

Exploring a Run for Congress

If you’re happy with the direction the country is going, this may not be your cup of tea. If you are concerned, please read on and help do something about it.

I wrote a book about the national fiscal situation. It’s called Fix It Now: Rediscover the Constitution & Get America Out of Its Fiscal Death Spiral. It’s a plan for restoring limited government based on the Constitution, the kind of government that made America the greatest nation on Earth. 
Here's how we do it: 
  • adopt a balanced budget amendment immediately with a provision that it takes effect in 10 years; 
  • end Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes;
  • phase out Social Security and Medicare over 40 years;
  • buy out the Social Security and Medicare contributions of Americans under 55, and those of 55-or-overs who want the buyout;
  • dismantle over the next 10 years the rest of the federal welfare/entitlement system and return federal spending authority to the limits established by the Constitution;
  • provide social services at the state or local level; and
  • launch a national effort similar to the 1994 Contract with America to build a majority of crusaders for limited government in Congress.
Some like my plan. Some recommend strong medication. Some doubt that Social Security and Medicare can be phased out, but say I should run for Congress and see how much welfare/entitlement reform can be accomplished.
Why challenge what would be a 16-year incumbent Republican congressman? Isn’t he one of the bright spots of the 2012 election?
I voted for him and I’m glad he won, but we need someone willing to fight to save the country. His first 10 years in office he helped rack up record debt. Since then he has sworn off bailouts and stimulus packages, but he has raised the debt ceiling and signed a pledge for AARP to not touch Social Security. He is not Tea Party.
Does the term “Tea Party” scare you?
Tea stands for Taxed Enough Already. The “extremist” Tea Party message is that the country will go broke if we keep going the way we have been. Using the federal government to take care of everyone and everything is unconstitutional, it doesn’t work, and we can’t afford it. The “extremists” are those who won’t face this reality.
I am optimistic because there are not only Republicans, but also Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and people of various political stripes who are hungry for someone willing to challenge the out-of-control fiscal status quo in Washington.
Why do this now?
One person can’t charge into Washington and single-handedly reform the federal government, but those of us who want something better can't wait around for the right majority to materialize. The Tea Party victories of 2010 and 2012 never would have happened if the successful Tea Party candidates had waited for someone else to go first and build a friendly majority in Washington. More of us must join the cause. Some of us do it by running for office. Others do it by supporting the right candidates.
The book is available here. The website requires you to sign up the same as you do to buy a book through Amazon. The process is managed by Amazon and is secure, but if you are more comfortable purchasing through Amazon's main website, go here or go to and type “fix it now chip maxwell” in the search box.

Read a sample chapter here.


Anonymous said...

Compared to what the Mepublicans would do, yes, I am VERY happy with the direction of the country. BUT, then again, you put lining your pockets before the needs of the country, so we now know where you stand. I am sure this comment will not see the light-of-day as you want to push your self-centered agenda and this comment would not help you. You Mepublicans think you have all the answers when you have none. You are all about talk and fear. This is your only strategy. Let's see, when President Bush left office our stock market was in the 7000 range. Four years later under President Obama, it was back into the 12,000 range. When President Bush left office we were shedding jobs at a rate of 300,000 per month. Four years later under President Obama, we are creating jobs at an approximate rate of 100,000 per month. When President Bush left office he had run up a credit card bill from two wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, and a prescription drug bill of which none were paid for by any means. So, four years later when the credit card bill came due under President Obama, you all start screaming that he did all this. Wow, what a bunch of idiots. Has President Obama done everything correctly...nope, but he has done a whole lot more for this country than the Mepublicans. Then you come along and want the sheep to line your pockets by buying your parroted talking points. If you were so bent on improving this country, why not put country before your wealth. Oh, wait, that would be counter-intuitive to the Mepublican way. Please go back and crawl under your rock again. We have enough of your type in Washington now. It is time for real progress, and WE will NOT get it from the likes of you. I wouldn't give you a $1 for your books since I can get the talking points from Fox Noise for free. But I am sure you will find many Nebraska sheep that will give their money to you but complain about helping Americans who need it. Wow are our morals and values screwed up.

Chip Maxwell said...

Bravely spoken, Anonymous.

Tony Staup said...

Wow, anonymous leaves me a bit speechless, but we are all entitled to our opinions. I do think the direction of Chips thinking on social entitlements is correct but too harsh and probably unworkable. I think social entitlements should be in the direction of:
" Give a man fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime."
The President says he wants all to have a fair chance and that is certainly a noble thought, but a fair chance does not (in my opinion)include give aways without give backs, and " you cannot make the weak stronger, by making the strong weaker." The latter is the path the president has taken, and eventually Ms.Thatcher's "Socialism is great until until the other guy runs out of money" will be true.

Read Chip's book. It is full of good thoughts and history.

Tony Staup