Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Don't Blame Romney

He ran the best race he could. The most doctrinaire Tea Party candidate would have had a hard time winning. The problem is that there isn’t enough of a “market” to buy what Romney was selling, and what the Tea Party is trying to sell.

Don’t get mad or pout. Get busy. Double down on the Tea Party message. Ignore those who say the Tea Party is a hopeless Don Quixote charge at a windmill.

True, voters just reelected a president who has propelled the country far to the left on the political spectrum, away from the Constitution and toward socialism. That means we have no choice but to get out there and win more hearts and minds.

Those of us who love freedom must acknowledge that America is free to ruin itself. The only option is to convince a majority of Americans that the path we are on is self-destructive. And we must do it before we go so far down that path that we can’t find our way back to limited government under the Constitution.

May I recommend a book that directly addresses the challenge before us? Click here for the book.

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OmaSteak said...

It's too late to save. Over 50% of the actual voting population is receiving some sort of "government benefits" which means they are more than happy to keep voting only for those who promise to keep the payments coming. First, we will get a national sales tax (value added tax) and then we will get a wealth tax, where anyone with any asset(s) will pay an annual tax on the total market value of all assets...and yes that means your home too. The best thing you can really do is prepare yourself and your family for what you can see happening now in Greece and Spain. Get out of debt, buy gold and prepare to be mobil in case you need to relocate.