Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terry-Ewing Contest a Study in Irrelevance

Lee Terry and John Ewing fit the example in my book of typical Republicans and Democrats wrestling for control of a boat that is going over the fiscal falls no matter who prevails.

First it was a scrap about Ewing's fiscal stewardship as Douglas County Treasurer. Now it's a flap about an ad in which the lefty global warming group, which Terry cites for proof of what a "historic" energy bill he produced, says the ad is "historic fiction."

Who cares about some energy bill that ended up being something unrecognizable compared to what Terry introduced? The country is melting down fiscally and, after contributing to the process for a decade, Terry has responded by signing a pledge for AARP to leave Social Security untouched, and raising the debt ceiling.

Who cares how Ewing managed his budget as treasurer or what legislation he advocated as a police officer? The country is melting down fiscally and he supports Obamacare and stimulus packages, the kind of policies hastening the fiscal meltdown.

As a voter, my main concern isn't Ewing's stewardship as treasurer or Terry's dealings with energy legislation. My concern is that both are on record supporting policies that allow the country to go over the fiscal falls.

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