Friday, October 19, 2012

OWH Must Like Obama Agenda

The Omaha World-Herald supports Obamacare and federal stimulus spending. That's what I conclude from the OWH's endorsement of John Ewing.

The editorial focused on Ewing's laudable career in government as a police officer and elected county bureaucrat. But he's running for a seat in Congress, and he has pledged support for Obamacare and stimulus spending.

It's fair for Ewing to criticize incumbent Lee Terry's fiscal record, but Terry has renounced stimulus spending and wants to repeal Obamacare. He wants to continue the Bush tax cuts for all taxpayers.

Ewing is a vote for the Obama agenda. Presumably he would oppose the agenda of a President Romney.

Apparently the OWH is playing right along with the candidates, focusing on secondary issues while ignoring the main issue in the campaign.

Terry hasn't done much of note as a congressman and his recent campaign ads were misleading cheap shots. OK, but how is each candidate going to influence the fiscal policy of the nation over the next two years? How could the OWH write a full-page editorial on this race and not address that issue?

Maybe because it would have been hard to endorse Ewing after acknowledging his support of the Obama agenda. Unless the OWH embraces the Obama agenda, which is what I conclude.

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