Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Evidence Paul VI Was Right

If America falls, it will not be at the hands of China or al-Qaida or the Taliban. America will be overrun from within by the horde represented by Lena Dunham.

Until yesterday I had never heard of Dunham. Apparently she's an actress, director, and producer. Cute, clever, sassy, shallow, willing to trivialize sexuality and citizenship and I imagine anything else -- a model lefty. Nothing is sacred. There are no standards or absolute truths. Everything is relative. We are gods unto ourselves.

As a father of daughters 14 and 11, I now agree that there is a war on women being waged. The left is after my daughters. The left uses popular culture to stampede girls into slutifying themselves and being proud of it. Sexuality is totally removed from marriage or any degree of commitment.

Dunham joins Sandra Fluke in the spectacle of young females not only asserting that their pursuit of recreational sex be accepted, but that government should mandate that the rest of us (including the Catholic Church in Fluke's case) accommodate and subsidize it.

In a weird way, the Dunham campaign ad makes sense. The left encouraged women to swoon over President Bad Boy Billy Clinton, and many did. The dignity of his wife was trampled, but she appeared to be a willing accommodator to serve her own agenda, so all was grinned at and winked at and dismissed as irrelevant to being president.

Now the left encourages women to swoon over Obama. His domestic and foreign policies are in shambles, but who cares? He's attractive and cool, simultaneously smooth and edgy. The game is to change voting from an exercise of the intellect to an exercise of emotion. Make it flirtatious or romantic. I'm giving myself, not just my vote.

Creepy, but apparently effective.

Pope Paul VI -- that old, behind-the-times European white man speaking for an old, behind-the-times church -- warned in 1968 that general acceptance of contraception would lower moral standards throughout society, undermine marital fidelity, lessen respect for women by men, and invite coercive use of reproductive technologies by governments.

As the rapper Kool Moe Dee used to say, "How ya like me now?" Anyone want to take issue with what Paul VI saw in his crystal ball? Behind the times? He was way ahead of his time.

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