Friday, October 26, 2012

Governor Romney, Meet Inspector Clouseau and Agent 86

Like the bumbling heroes of the Pink Panther movies and the Get Smart television series, Romney appears destined to prevail despite himself.

Romney's failure to hold President Obama accountable for the Benghazi terrorist attack has been minimized, probably eclipsed, by the emergence of evidence from within the Obama administration that the administration knew the attack was an armed assault rather than a protesting mob getting violent over an obscure video.

Is it too strong to say the president has blood on his hands from a dead ambassador? Somebody does. That ambassador's request for stronger security in Benghazi had been rejected. Secretary of State Clinton put the blame on private security consultants. The key word there is "consultants." The decision was made by a presidential administration in which Clinton is the secretary of state and Obama is the president.

The Obama policy of knocking off dictators and opening the way for more savagely anti-American forces to assert themselves produced the Benghazi disaster. Romney ought to finish the campaign by simply repeating: This guy is a dangerous amateur on fiscal policy and foreign policy and we can't afford four more years of it.

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