Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Some Republicans Have No Appetite for Fish

Can someone explain what Erica Fish, Republican candidate for the state legislature in District 9 (south-central midtown Omaha), has said or done to make herself a leper to some Republicans?
Erica was at my door campaigning last week. Doesn't sound like she's getting total support from the Republican Party.

In the primary I went to events for Erica and for Vernon Davis. I would have been happy with either of them (or both!) in the general election. Erica advanced. Everybody I saw at Vernon's event should be doing for Erica what they would have done for Vernon.

If Vernon had received 1,300 votes, would those of you who supported him have said, "He didn't get enough votes in the primary so I’m abandoning him for the general"? No, at least I hope not. You would have redoubled your efforts and played up the engaging young conservative black man beating the odds and pursuing the American Dream.

In this case, we have an engaging young conservative female candidate, a wife and mother and champion of foster children (including an autistic child for whom she is providing emergency care). In some ways we have the best kind of candidate to compete against a daughter trying to succeed her mother.

I've been told that at a committee meeting or some occasion, Erica gave the "wrong" answer on electoral votes, saying she supported the current system. I'm sure there are other issues on which Erica has given the "wrong" answer in some people's view. She says the governor is mad at her for making a fuss about the foster care system. If that's the reason, then Mike Foley must be a leper, too.

Reasonable adults are not going to agree on everything. Whatever the disagreements, Erica is much better than Sara Howard for people who want fiscal and social conservatism.

I'm ready to be enlightened if there's something I'm missing, but as a D9 resident it drives me crazy to think that party regulars are not rallying to a viable candidate.

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