Saturday, October 13, 2012

18,000 Is a Good Start

No, it's not a lawyer joke. How do I connect with the 18,000 Republicans who did not vote for Lee Terry in the 2nd district congressional primary?

How do I connect with the thousands of Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents or Nonpartisans who also are frustrated with status quo politics? I'm counting on those ready to fight the status quo to be the market, and marketing team, for my book.

Some people work on a car in the garage. Jethro Gibbs built a boat in his basement. I have been working on this book about the national fiscal situation for the better part of a year. I got serious about finishing it when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived the effort to recall him.
As for running for Congress, there's no reason for me to run for Congress unless people who call themselves conservative or Tea Party or advocates of limited government agree that Social Security and Medicare must be phased out. That's the core group. From there we have to expand outward and convince broader circles of people that the welfare/entitlement system is ruining America.
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If you like it, please buy another and give it to someone. Maybe a conservative needs a morale boost. Maybe a moderate can be convinced that moderation isn't going to cure what ails America. Maybe a liberal can be rehabilitated.

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