Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steve King: Say It Ain't So

Even rip-roaring fiscal conservative Iowa Congressman Steve King is afraid to make the first move on fiscal reform.

I can't figure out why congressional Republicans aren't pushing for a balanced budget amendment and the repeal of the unfunded federal rainwater runoff mandate (producing the $1.7 billion sewer bill for Omaha). Sure, the president and congressional Democrats will fight it, probably successfully (for now), but then every congressional race in 2012 should be turned into a referendum on those two issues. Cities all over teh contry are being slammed as Omaha is by the rainwater mandate. Incumbents and challengers all over the country ought to run on those two promises.

But even conservatives such as King are saying right out in the open that they are afraid to make the first move, that they want President Obama and the Democrats to go first in proposing meaningful spending cuts.

They must be looking at polls that say the public is not serious about fiscal reform. Are they really that afraid of the public? Even after the election results of the past two cycles?

Is the public that far gone? So the American Dream has become: If I can just hang on until 65, the government will take care of me with a pension and health care. America won't tolerate a run at real fiscal reform? The addicts are too far gone to be weaned from federal subsidies and programs?

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