Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Fiscal Insanity from the Learning Community

Leave it to the Learning Community to embrace one of the most expensive and least productive "innovations" in education: busing.

Busing is classic liberal/progressive policy. Do something really complicated and expensive to try to defeat human nature.

I've had numerous conversations with black Omahans who say busing does not improve race relations. And they are concerned about the fact that putting their children on buses for 90 minutes every day does not help, and more likely hurts, their children's ability to learn. Meanwhile family involvement, a crucial element of healthy school life, is wiped out when children are bused 10-or-more miles from their neighborhoods.

I've had numerous conversations with parents and children, white and black, who patronize the public schools and say the races mix like oil and water -- which means they don't mix. I'm not blaming anyone. Social engineers throw people into contrived situations and then are surprised that real live human beings don't behave like the controlled variables in their liberal/progressive scenarios.

If the welfare of children, especially disadvantaged children, is your priority then end busing, fund education from the bottom up with vouchers instead of from the top down through government bureaucracies, and let the money follow the children to the schools the families choose.

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