Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nabity Taking a Break, but Alliance Still Swinging

Contrary to assertions by critics, the Alliance for the Private Sector is alive and well. Yours truly has agreed to take over for Dave Nabity as spokesman for the Alliance.

Alliance Successes:
City Council repealed 4 on a rig.

Alerted mayor to mismanagement in fire department. Vindicated by state auditor.

$6 million solution: cut 64 positions saving $6.5 million annually. Vindicated by CIR.

$13 million cut from mayor’s last budget.

Police contract initially rejected.

Alliance Agenda:

CIR Reform

Fire Union Contract

Planning Dept. Problems

Annexation Plan

Omaha Public Schools

Learning Community

Omaha Housing Authority

Local Government Performance Audits

Sewer Water Project

City-County Merger

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