Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Census : What Happened to Omaha?

Omaha was supposed to exceed 450,000 by 2010. Instead it barely reached 400,000. White flight? Tax flight? What's going on?

Be ready Saturday because I'm going to ask you: Why do you live where you live?

In case it matters to anyone, I live at 38th and California Streets and, as you can see from the picture on my main page, I am a minority under my own roof.


Anonymous said...


I am a successful business owner and have live in Nebraska for 25 years. I can tell you why I moved here and why I am moving away. I moved to Omaha as a choice for quality of life and prospective business growth. Now in part, a large part, due to taxes, I am relocating my business and my residence. We all know that taxes seldom go down. In my vision the future I will have expenses here I see already excessively high taxes being off the charts by the time I want to retire.

The tip of the iceberg is that 30% of my mortgage is taxes. That is just wrong.

To set the stage; I was a union official working for a large corporation for many years, unions have a purpose but it has gone off the rails in recent years. Bargaining for fair working pay and good working conditions is one thing but some of demands are crippling the business ability to function at all. What would you have a job that pays you a fair wage or no job? Worse yet is government workers. Case and Point: outside of government who of us are able to retire at 45 with full pay and health care paid? We, the majority, pay for that with our tax burden. Still, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I get it, we want strong and health Firemen and Policemen. Nevertheless the business model that was built on was from the 1950s and is way out of line with our current health and longevity. People are more than capable of doing rigorous physical work well into their 60s now and living to our 90s is common. We cannot support people on taxes for 40+ years. The unions need to wake up to what the world is now before they shoot themselves in the foot with outdated ideas.

Jim in Murray said...

(I am so ticked- I wrote a very nice 3 paragraph comment detailing why I chose to NOT live in Omaha, or any place that could be annexed by Omaha, and Google/blogger ate it. I despise Google, just so you know.....)

... Cliff's Notes version:

I considered living in Millard and Elkhorn when I got out of the Army in '95. Annexation (without the consent of residents) of (IIRC)the Rose Garden subdivision made it clear to me that Omaha, and OPS, would take over everthing in Douglas County. I wanted as much buffer as I could between my(future) kids and OPS as I could get. OPS spends more and gets less for it than any other school system in the state. It is a Progressive organization, and the end result of Progressive Government looks like Detroit. My suspicions about the lust for power in OPS proved true in the last decade, in the formation of the Learning Community superboard: more taxes to feed the Progressive Machine.

Omaha's ever increasing tax burden and the rapacious public sector constituancies that drive it (Professional Voters, Police Union, Fire Union, Teacher's Union, and all the other gubmint employees unions) create an environment where eventually, the only people left are the ones who either can't afford to leave or are content with the squalor that surrounds them: Moochers and Looters. The Producers will have left, as the tax system punishes them for staying. Omaha is nearing (maybe already passed, as evidenced by the recall election) a tipping point, where those recieving employment and or benefits in exchange for their votes will constitute an unstoppable voting bloc for anyone promising increased goodies from the Public Treasury. Goodbye Treasury.... Hello Alcibaides. Those opposing this bloc will be tilting at windmills.

I moved to a small town in Cass County .... while we have our problems, they are not anywhere near those you "enjoy". My only concern is that Sarpy County may not be enough of a buffer....