Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Wrestler Is Right

Teenage boys and girls should not wrestle. Even with a referee supervising.

How did adults let it come to this? Who are the lefty/liberal/progressive deniers of human nature that said teenage boys and girls grabbing each other and trying to pin each other and unavoidably invading each other's private areas is just a sporting exercise? 

This isn't a fussy non-competition argument. I have competed against females in various sports. I raise my daughters to be strong and brave competitors against all opponents. But I don't roughhouse with my 12-year-old daughter the same way I did when she was younger.

And this is full-scale, competitive wrestling. My only experience with wrestling was junior high phys ed class, but we learned the moves and did some wrestling. I've seen wrestling matches. The moves required to defeat the opponent would be considered sexual assault in a court of law.

The moves required in football or boxing -- or male-versus-male wrestling -- also would be considered assault in the "outside" world, but why is there is a separate category of assault for violations of a sexual nature? Why don't such violations simply fit under the category of assault? Because there is an additional element of offense connected to sexuality, to violating someone's sexual dignity. 

Imagine engaging couple-friends in tennis, basketball, or golf. Now imagine one couple challenging another couple to a wrestling match with opposite sex match-ups. Imagine a husband telling a wife, "I'm going to wrestle our female neighbor." Or flip the roles and the wife is going to wrestle a male neighbor.

Absolutely not. If it's inappropriate for broken down old people such as me, how can it be more appropriate for teenagers with hormones aflame?

It's not sexist or discriminatory to say there are some activities in which men and women should not engage. It's a reasonable response to the reality of human nature. It's a necessary honoring of sexual dignity that has been assaulted by popular culture, especially where women are concerned.

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OmaSteak said...

Boys wrestling with girls should be restricted to its traditional venue...the backseat of small sport coupes parked on country lanes late at night. LOL!!!