Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Even Republicans Seem Afraid to Restore Constitutional Budget Limits

Look at the pie chart. It shows that 41% of the federal is budget is Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Include other entitlements and the number climbs to 58%. And it's all unconstitutional.

I realize that since the 1930s the Supreme Court has said such programs are constitutional, but that's not the only time the Court has been wrong.

Congressional Republicans are talking about budget cuts, but they don't seem to be addressing the structural big picture.

Soon after Sen. Ben Nelson's decisive vote on Obamacare, a caller on a radio show pressed Nelson on where the Constitution authorized the federal government to impose a health care plan such as Obamacare. Nelson didn't cite any authority. He replied that if the caller was going to take that approach, then he would have to scrap Social Security and Medicare because there is no constitutional authority for those programs, either.



OmaSteak said...

It's time for the second American revolution...or time to leave.

Jim in Murray said...

"It's time for the second American revolution...or time to leave."

There is nowhere left to go, at least on this mudball....

.... as Ronaldus Maximus said it: "America is the last best for Freedom on earth."