Friday, January 28, 2011

Tomorrow's Show

Recall and the State of the Union Address. If we have time, the governor's proposal to end state aid to local governments.

Recall. Trading places -- South Omaha Democrats turned against the mayor while Westside Republicans saved him. Did the pro-recall message hit too hard on policy issues and not hard enough on whether recall was appropriate? What about the Nabity factor?

State of the Union. We'll analyze it with Dr. Rod Hewlett, dean of the business college at Bellevue University. We'll focus on the president's use of the term "investment." Click here for Dr. Hewlett's recent column in the Omaha World-Herald on how the definition of "investment" increasingly is stretched to apply to expenditures that do not provide a return.

State Aid. The governor is right -- but so is Mike Boyle. I'll explain why.


oldnuc said...

There are a large number of voters who voted against the recall even though they strongly disapproved of mayor Suttle's decisions and actions. The logic of these voters appears to be this, the mayor has not committed any crime. The recall groups should have been all over this -no crime- meme early and hard. Seems there are many voters in Nebraska who have no concept of the meaning in common law of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. It will be a very long 2 years for Omaha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chip,

Last Wednesday I was having lunch with a friend (who is a republican) that said he and his wife voted against the recall because they thought Suttle was doing the best he could do saying, "What do you want? The streets not getting plowed, garbage not getting picked up and libraries getting closed? That's the alternative you know."

I said, "You're right. It IS about those things. It's about money that should be going to the streets being plowed, garbage being picked up and libraries staying open going into the pensions of the fire and police unions."

Those old scare tatics run deep in the minds of people. It's all about people thinking they are going to lose something, not gain something.

It's that area that I think the recall people didn't make a clear case for. The recall wasn't about losing present services, it was about gaining control of the city's future.