Friday, January 21, 2011

Tomorrow's Show

Last call for recall.

Jeremy Aspen of the recall committee will join us at 7.

Apparently it's now heroic to raise taxes. That seems to be the main argument of recall opponents.

What does the recall have in common with global warming and stem cell research? Listen tomorrow for the answer.

Where are the Omaha World-Herald photos and profiles on big-money opponents of the recall? Where is the OWH coverage of the populist support for the recall?

Assertions by Ben Gray: the taxpayers' police pension contribution going from 20% to 35% does not constitute balancing the budget on the backs of taxpayers; everything that can be done is being done or has been checked out and is not possible; the state auditor's report was no big deal; recall is a "gotcha" campaign; recall is a vehicle for Nabity that he was pushing right after Suttle was elected; nonvoters should not get to "negate" previous mayoral vote. He used the pronoun "we" and clearly sees the recall as an attack on the city council majority that has supported the mayor.

A caller to my show said the recall could be construed as racist in the same way the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) movement is racist in calling for limited government. The argument is that "limited government" is racist code for "spend less money on programs for minorities."


Anonymous said...

Ben Gray is nothing more than race and poverty pimp who personally profit from his involvement in government. Don't forget, the Mayor appointed Ben to the OHA Board, a paid position, that puts Ben in position to directly influence to flow of contract dollars to friends and supporters. He wasn't placed on that Board for his extensive background in real estate or finance. He and his wife are also involved in several supposed charitiable organizations in which or over which they have access to donations.

Chip Maxwell said...


This is at the edge -- maybe beyond the edge after today -- of what I'll allow for comments. What are examples of OHA-related contracts that Gray has directed to cronies? What are the charitable organizations that Gray is exploiting? If there is truth to such accusations they should be front page news.

I'm not afraid to take the conversation wherever the truth leads, but I've had false accusations hurled at me by people with political axes to grind. The burden of proof is on the accuser to provide something more than an allegation.