Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Omaha Recall : What Does the Result Mean?

The people have spoken . . . but what did they say?

The mayor agreed to be on KFAB the morning after the recall. Why? He had been avoiding KFAB. He must have seen a poll showing a win.

I admit that I was envisioning in alphabetical order: Hal Daub returning to the mayor's office and making it his legacy to lay a solid foundation for city finances; or Dave Nabity getting to implement the type of policies and provide the type of leadership he has advocated; or maybe Dan Welch returning to city hall to pursue some of the ideas on efficiency and fiscal reform for which he was hammered a few years ago.

I'm happy for the Suttles on a personal level because I know them and consider them friends, but I voted to recall the mayor. I'm worried that this result will be embraced by the mayor and the defenders of the status quo as a mandate to continue business as usual, which means raise taxes and accommodate entrenched interests at city hall.

But I'm a populist who believes in majority rule. The way you maximize freedom is to go in the direction the majority wants to go.

I hope it turns out to have been a vote against the recall rather than a vote for the status quo. We'll find out in two years.

Meanwhile, I hope the Alliance for the Private Sector will continue to be a voice for fiscal conservatism.

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