Monday, January 24, 2011

Omaha Recall : Flawed Analogy

Mike Leahy left out a crucial fact in his analogy describing the mayor's challenge upon taking office.

Speaking on KFAB this morning, Leahy likened Mayor Suttle's challenge upon taking office to the scene in the movie Apollo 13 where engineers were told to fix the damaged space vehicle with same items available to the astronauts. The "tools" were dumped on a table before the engineers and that's all they had to work with.

The flaw in Leahy's analogy is that the "tools" were dumped on the table during the 2009 campaign. Tax increases were not on that table. Suttle was in there with all the other candidates talking fiscal responsibility. Suttle did not follow Leahy's analogy. He added tax increases to the table after getting elected. Any politician can make "tough decisions" and "solve" problems if you put tax increases on the table as one of your tools.

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