Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Omaha Recall: Do These Help or Hurt?

I thank my radio show's unofficial program observer, OmaSteak, for providing the flyer funded substantially by the police union.

One of the main issues is whether the mayor is too cozy with police and fire unions. Doesn't this feed that perception? Or is it a net gain for the mayor to have the police union call him a champion of law and order?

When I ran for the city council, I declared that I would not except endorsements or donations from either union because a council member approves contracts with those unions and is supposed to be an advocate for constituents/taxpayers.

Maybe I am reading this incorrectly. My opponent got $10,000 from the fire union and won. Didn't seem to bother voters in 2009, but I wonder if the environment has changed.

When I saw the guy in the hoodie with a gun in the doorway, I thought of the pizza delivery man who was killed.

At least it's a flyer promoting someone, as opposed to the child predator lurking in the bushes at the playground -- which according to a 2009 police union campaign flyer was the future we faced had Jim Vokal become mayor.

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