Thursday, January 20, 2011

Omaha Recall: Ben Gray v. Dave Nabity

KFAB's Scott Voorhees hosted a debate in which a contentious participant called his adversary a liar for stating a fact about the police contract.

Dave Nabity also participated.

Nabity's advocacy group Citizens for Omaha's Future published a flyer saying the mayor negotiated a police contract that allows officers to retire at 45. Omaha City Council Member Ben Gray called that a lie.

It's a fact. Gray was correct to point out that only veteran officers can retire at 45, but the contract does allow retirement at 45.

A lie is a false statement that the maker knows is false. Gray understands the distinction between a mistake and a lie. He went out of his way to say that the Nabity flyer's claim was not just a falsehood, but a lie. In fact, he said "anyone who believes that ad is a liar." I guess that makes me a liar, too.

What am I missing? Gray kept insisting that the mayor and city council did not negotiate a police contract that allows retirement at 45. But, again, the contract does allow it.

My invitation to Gray to be on my show still stands. There's more to talk about. His general position is that everything that has been talked about by recall advocates is already being done or has been checked out and can't be done. I also want to talk about a statement he made on an earlier Voorhees show that the mayor should not be held accountable for promises he made as a candidate.

I will say this for Gray: at least he has the guts to talk about specific issues and policies rather than toss out whiny generalities about recall being divisive and bad for Omaha.


Anonymous said...

Ben Gray is a well-known and well-documented liar. He is also as corrupt a politician as Omaha has ever seen. He's also a marxist and a racist. He literally hates all white people (except susie buffet who pays him and his wife) and everyone who has a job that lives west of 72nd street.

Chip Maxwell said...


This is at the edge of what I'll allow for comments. I love robust debate, but if such accusations are going to be made, I want names and dates and specifics. "Well-documented"? Provide, or point us to, the documentation. Exactly what has he done, or what is he doing, that is corrupt?