Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Thought Marc Kraft Was a Full-Time Commissioner

Kraft has been awfully busy with his business for a candidate who said one of the reasons to vote for him was that he would leave the running of his business to his son and be a full-time Douglas County commissioner.

That was a jab at me in our 2008 campaign. As a husband and father of four school-age children, I needed to work a regular job while serving as a part-time commissioner.

But Kraft has been doing ads for his business and now is selling the physical inventory to focus on his growing online business.

Bully for Kraft for succeeding in the 21st century business environment, but down goes another campaign promise. This is the same Marc Kraft who promised to bring "fairness" to property taxes (as opposed to me, who cared nothing for the average taxpayer), and then voted to raise the county property tax rate 8% instead of cut county spending 4%.

But that seems to be business as usual these days. Local politicians can do whatever they want in office regardless of what they promised as candidates.

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