Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Shoe-Flinger: Another Test of My No-Death Position

If I allowed exceptions to my opposition to the death penalty, the Iraqi shoe-flinger would qualify.

I realize that nobody was killed. But the guy threatened the president of the United States and acted violently toward him. An attack on the office is an attack on the nation the president represents.

Remember Iraqis taking off their shoes and smacking them on fallen statues of Saddam? It's an intense sign of disrespect.

I wonder how many shoes Mr. Righteous Indignation threw at Saddam Hussein in the name of the widows and orphans that Saddam produced on purpose. The number must be zero because, if he hadn't been shot or hung on the spot, he would have been forced to eat any shoes he threw. It would have been his last meal because the shoes would have been doused in gasoline and lit on fire -- just for the entertainment value.

Meanwhile, everybody in President Bush's security detail should be fired. What the hell were they doing? One shoe, maybe. There's no way the guy should have been able to fling a second shoe. There was no one near the president when the second shoe flew.

The only person to come out of it looking good was the president. They must play a lot of dodgeball at the White House.

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OmaSteak said...

I'm shocked the Secret Service agents didn't respond much more quickly and violently to the attack. I was wrongly thinking that the shoe thrower should have been shot at least 3 or 4 times before he even touched his other shoe. The saddest thing was watching the mainstream media coverage of the incident and their glee that it happened.