Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Proof That My Book Is Needed

Ignorant. Irrational. Illogical. Aren't those the terms lefties apply to opponents of embryonic stem cell research?

Click here for a string of cartoons that shows the tawdry, sloppy, grotesquely inaccurate treatment of this issue by people who no doubt believe they are enlightened.

This kind of spin is what motivated me to write my book.


Ryan the Angry Midget said...

I scanned the table of contents for your book, but I didn't notice the chapter where you condemn families who seek fertility treatment for destroying embryos as well, since that is part of the process of creating life.

I guess bullying families with fertility problems isn't as sexy as bullying scientists who are helping to advance medical treatments for terminal illness.

OmaSteak said...

The push for unrestricted federally funded embryonic stem cell researd is about money...billions and billions of federal tax dollars...pure and simple. Secondarily it may also be about improving health but that #2 is a big step down from #1 priority. If there was such promise in embryonic stem cell research, venture capitalists would be all over it and we'd be in the midst of a huge biotech boom. That biotech bubble has already come and gone outside of the already successful usage of adult and cord-blood stem cells. Ryan, you need to check your premise about who is "bullying" whom in this ongoing debate. Liberals like yourself who operate on emotion have bought into more BS from the pro-embryonic research folks than the anti-embryonic research folks have produced. But then again, you have to check intellect and logic at the door to be a liberal in the first place.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...


Your insults aside, your superior intellect was obviously not aware of the huge amount of private investment that has occurred in embryonic stem cell research. The University of California San Fran has an entire research division that operates completely on private money. What's emotional about that fact? But, you probably think UCSF managed to trick people into giving them cash for stem cell research, because something tells me you haven't looked at the data. With your intellect, who neeeds data, right?

OmaSteak said...

UCSF's program is primarily funded by state of California taxpayer funds from a multi-billion initiative that was passed with huge support, both financial and propaganda, from Hollywood. Do a little research Ryan and you'll find quite a few VC's on the various boards which govern the university system in CA. Wonder what their objectives might be??? I have no doubt UCSF got some private money too...from the gullible like yourself.