Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maxwell in Obama Administration?

Not me. My cousin, Mary Beth Maxwell.
I didn't know she was a candidate for Secretary of Labor until a World-Herald reporter called me about a New York Times story mentioning her. I said we probably disagreed on most political issues, but that wouldn't stop me from rooting for my cousin. I said she certainly would have the skills for the job, and would offer a sense of fairness and humor rather than being a scorched-earth ideologue.

As proof that she's bright, I admitted that when we were young, Mary Beth headed up a team of girl cousins that wiped out the boy cousins in a game a Trivial Pursuit or something like it. Come to think of it, that may not be much of a claim to fame, kind of like Nebraska pounding on Slippery Rock.

I remembered her being home for the holidays one year sporting a "Thelma & Louise Meet George Bush" T-shirt with a gun barrel or something on it. Aunt Jeannette, Mary Beth's mother, reminded me that one holiday Mary Beth made sure the boy cousins shared the dish-washing duties with the girl cousins.

Are you detecting a pattern here?

It's an interesting case study. Two people from the same family genes and culture end up going in very different directions in political advocacy.

I told the OWH reporter that people can have political differences but share common ground at higher levels of life. Mary Beth and I reach different conclusions on political issues, but I suppose we're both populists whose main motivation is to help people at the grassroots level.

None of that changes the fact that it's driving me crazy that I can't think of anything more embarrassing to hit her with from the annals of family life.

Politically Mary Beth is a lefty, but what do you expect in the Obama administration? That's a given, so I'll go ahead and root for my cousin to get it.

What the heck, if she gets it, I'm looking forward to my next campaign: "Gee, it would be a shame to see your union audited/investigated/decertified by the Labor Department."

ALERT: Before someone on the left puts out another hit-piece on me, let me explain that that's called a joke. I've had union support in the past as a candidate and I hope to have it again.


Brandon Petersen said...
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Anonymous said...

The article seems to point out that Mary Beth Maxwell is Catholic and emphasises "social justice" as essential to her faith (even receiving endorsements from liberals, unions, gay activists).

Chip Maxwell is also Catholic and emphasises "cultural issues" or "life issues" such as defending marriage, opposition to abortion, cloning, embryo. stem cell research, etc.

Which one is more "Catholic"? Which one is more "pro-lfe"?
Which one can see the other's view point?
Why can't the "cultural" Catholic defend the poor illegal immigrant or oppose the war, or death penalty?
Why can't the "social justice" Catholic see that abortion is the greatest human right abuse and demeans women?