Monday, December 08, 2008

College Football: It's Good to Be Nebraska

Observations on the college football bowl selections.

Missouri thrashed Nebraska and won the Big 12 North -- and got a lesser bowl package than Nebraska.

Missouri: Alamo Bowl, $2.25 million payout, Dec. 29, cable TV.

Nebraska: Gator Bowl, $2.5 million payout, Jan. 1, network TV.

Oklahoma State is ranked 13th, beat Missouri, and would have been heavily favored to beat Nebraska had they played. OSU bowl bid: Holiday Bowl, $2.13 million payout, Dec. 30, cable TV.

Clearly the bowls, the media, and the world of college football want Nebraska and its passionate, willing-to-travel fan base back in the picture. Let's hope the Huskers can finally deliver after prime-time disappointment (Virginia Tech) and disaster (Missouri and Oklahoma) so far this year.

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