Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Too Soon for Blackshirts

Clearly the Nebraska Cornhusker defense is playing better than it did last year. But not that much better.

At home the defense has given up 33 points to Virginia Tech (weak offense), 45 to Missouri (great offense), and 35 to Kansas (good offense). At Oklahoma 11 days ago the defense gave up 55. The dogmeat teams are the only offenses Nebraska has stopped.

Maybe the players are giving maximum effort and that was the basis of the decision. Bo Pelini doesn't strike me as "self-esteem" coddler. I just thought the results, the numbers allowed in yardage and points, would have to be better to merit Blackshirt status.

Listen to me. 9-4 with a bowl win is plausible for this program that was in utter disarray a year ago.

It's great to round back into form as a spoiled Nebraska fan.

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