Friday, November 28, 2008

Should I Run for the City Council?

Let the suggestions (and arrows) fly!

The dust was still settling from Nov. 4 when I started hearing from people about running for the city council.

I live in Jim Vokal's council district. Jim has been talking about running for mayor. The council and mayoral offices are in the same cycle, so Jim has to choose between running for re-election to the council or running for mayor.

Well, the third option is to run for neither, but he's in solid shape on the council and has a well-known interest in running for mayor, so it's likely to be a run for one of the two offices.

I called Jim a couple weeks ago. He was still sorting through his decision so I said I would sit back and let him figure out what he wanted to do.

But the more noise he makes about running for mayor, the more I hear from people about running for that council seat if Jim leaves it open.

I was kind of hoping to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas and then decide. But Jim seems in the newspaper to be a guy running for mayor. One political veteran thinks I should be ready with an announcement the day after Jim's to say I'm running for that seat. I'm sure candidates will emerge if it's confirmed that the seat is open.

The competitor in me looks forward to getting get right back in the arena and on the winning track. The husband, father, and working man in me knows that jumping right back into another campaign would be grueling for the family.

And of course there's serious work to do to maintain -- in some ways restore -- the momentum Omaha has developed over the last 10-15 years.

The floor is open.


OmaSteak said...

IMHO, you'd be a good...maybe councilman Chip. Your city council district is pretty heavily democrat so that might present a steep challenge if you want to become known as a conservative. Since you learned your lesson about being prepared for competition in your last race, you should be ready for all comers if you jump in. Do you have the money and organization to run an effective & successful campaign? Do you have 3 big time issues to provide the basis for your campaign? Can you control your tendency to wax eloquent and those Jesuit-inspired populist tendencies? If so, you should take a shot...but make sure you have firm access to at least $200-250k before jumping in. You can't afford to have 2 losses in such a short time period.

Anonymous said...

Chip, you should pray about it. Discern. Wishing you good luck no matter what your decision is.

Anonymous said...

Chip, I'm a Democrat in your prospective city council district. All I'm going to say is that I will remember what you said about Barack Obama in your blog, and you can be sure that I will remind EVERYONE I know. I have voted for many Republicans in the past, so it's not a party thing, I just thought you were so disrespectful and closed minded. We are a changing city and can't tolerate rants like that.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...


I respect the fact that you are willing to share your opinions regardless of what public opinion might be. I think that tendency, which I feel makes you admirable even when we don't agree, is the kiss of death in your district. I know people want to paint it as being pretty liberal, but the reality is that your district is just moderate. A lot of Obama supporters in your district also voted for Lee Terry. Your beliefs are much further to the right than your district. That's only a bad thing in your case when you want to be honest and also be elected. I would never suggest that you change your approach, but the flip side of that coin is that you will lose to a moderate every time out, even when you're running against inferior competition (i.e. the most recent election).

Anonymous said...

Before you run for another office can you please explain in detail what you accomplished on the County Board and show why that made any significant difference. thank you.

Anonymous said...