Monday, November 17, 2008

Is Nebraska Stronger or Is the Schedule Weaker?

I share the enthusiasm over the Cornhuskers exceeding their win total of last year and qualifying for a bowl game. But . . .

Kansas and Kansas State are weaker than last year. Same for Colorado. Our defense has failed to stop good teams, and even a mediocre team such as Virginia Tech. Our offense has not been effective against the best teams.

The one, strange outlier in the season is the game at Texas Tech. The defense was gashed per usual, but the offense was amazingly poised and effective. But that image was shattered at Oklahoma.

It's that OU game that gives me pause. Total collapse on offense and defense. That wasn't supposed to happen anymore.

A staggering Colorado ought to be destroyed at Lincoln Nov. 28. A bowl game will be the next chance to see if NU has, on balance, made progress this season.

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