Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Graphic Abortion Video

This is not for children.

Although I'm starting to change my mind.

"It's bad for children." That's the argument against the "truth truck" and other displays of aborted fetuses -- or parts of them.

But maybe children should see such displays. Maybe adults need to ask, why must we shield children from the reality of abortion? If society permits it, why must it be hidden?

Comparison to war or the death penalty or other examples of carnage do not apply. There is no threat justifying the violence against more than a million unborn every year. It's not necessary. It is, indeed, a choice.

Am I an extremist for providing a link to the video? Watch what is done and tell me who the extremists are on this issue.

Click here and scroll down the page for the video by Eduardo Verastegui, star of the pro-life movie Bella.

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OmaSteak said...

This is a tough call. Do I think children should see Do I think preteens/teens nearing/at puberty should see it...YES. Long ago in a galaxy far away, a good friend asked me to "educate" his preteen daughter on the downside of premarital sex. I had her work with me through a whole clinic day of telling girls not much older than she that they were pregnant or had contracted an STD. I just hope the poor girl didn't end up joining a convent after the visit but I guarantee she didn't engage in sexual activity until she was able to be a responsible adult. Showing graphic images of abortion in unexpected public spaces likely does little or nothing to change anyone's core moral beliefs. If it did, they are just as likely to shift back again the other way. I've seen much worse but I'd still object to any such public displays. If you can't win the moral argument about abortion, then nothing else you try will work. I think the debate about abortion now is like closing the barn door after the horse is gone...too little and too late.