Thursday, November 27, 2008

God + Capitalism = Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving ranks with Independence Day as the most genuinely American of holidays.

This is not a Hallmark holiday. This comes right from the heart of the American experience.

Rush Limbaugh has a good recap of the origin of Thanksgiving. Two main points: 1) it was God, not the Indians, that the Pilgrims were thanking, and 2) after a rough start marked by sickness and starvation, Plymouth Colony turned prosperous when the colonists abandoned their collectivist plan and let people work their own plots.

Click here for the Limbaugh recap.


OmaSteak said...

Amen and pass the leftover turkey and pumpkin pie!

Anonymous said...

Chip, if you are following Rush Limbaugh, you'll lose my vote, support and respect. I am not saying that Rush doesn't make some good points from time to time and is certainly talented radio-wise but the way he demonizes others, polarizes, and is beyond arrogrant makes me sick. Don't do it. You are better than that. Sure, you can be a conservative Republican, that is very valid but please don't be bombastic, make fun of others, mischaracterize others, take things to an extreme, etc...Conduct yourself in a high standard and you will be better off. Take the high office, don't associate yourself with Rush Limbaugh, right-wing hate radio tactics, make your case clearly, fairly and with respect for your fellow man even if they happen to be a liberal Democrat.