Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Prayer

Are you the praying kind? Here's what I pray for.

I've never asked God for victory. I've always thought that was insulting. God is not a magician.

I ask God for two things: 1) help me perform my best as a candidate, and 2) open people's minds and hearts to give me fair consideration.

It's that second one that scares me. I've had some conversations with voters in these final days that indicate mud works. Maxwell wants to raise your taxes and make government bigger. Maxwell grants special property tax favors to big shots and doesn't care about the rest of us.

When they get all the facts they tell me they support me, but what about those who don't get all the facts? I hope through mail, radio ads, and door-to-door leafleting, I've been able to get my rebuttal out.

I can handle losing a good, clean fight, which is what my previous campaigns have been. I would have warmly congratulated my opponents in those races.

Not so this time.

I hope voters base their decisions on the facts.


OmaSteak said...

Maybe God will understand if you cut the prayer time a little short today and put additional focus on working the phones, etc. I understand he helps those who help themselves.

Chip Maxwell said...



OmaSteak said...

Maybe next time, you'll take the competition a little more seriously and not be afraid to mix it up right from the start. That's called really helping yourself...LOL!!! Good luck Chip, I hope you give Kraft the beating he so richly deserves.