Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Lefty Hypocrite on Education

The Obamas, opponents of vouchers for poor children, are searching for a private school for their daughters. I go crazy over lefties who fight school choice but don't dare put their children in public schools.

I am a left-wing-socialist-communist on educational opportunity. The government ought to make sure every child has a fair shot at a good education. We don't have as many blue-collar jobs. Most people must rely on brain rather than brawn in the 21st century economy.

Put the money in the hands of families and let them decide where to spend it to educate their children. Actually I'm not a pinko because I want to put the free-market power in the hands of citizens. Schools wouldn't get money unless they attracted students. What a concept.

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OmaSteak said...

How about taking government completely out of the picture and let families keep their own money and make 100% of educational decisions??? We currently have local/state/federal governments all taking money from families through taxes to "support" public education. I wonder what percentage of those dollars gets consumed in government administrative overhead??? I'll bet it's significant. If you agree all children should have the opportunity for a quality education, then start a private school and raise the funds to offer scholarships to children that can't afford the cost. The system we have now is a complete failure that has tremendous overheard and continues to produce an end product of declining quality. The public schools should have no ownership rights to your private property...and they do through their primary funding source, property taxes. You think they don't have ownership rights??? Just fail to pay your property taxes and see how much ownership of your house you really have.