Thursday, October 09, 2008

Win or Riot?

The Democratic Party is getting more brazen in asserting that blacks will riot if Barack Obama loses.

My correspondent OmaSteak raised this several months ago. It's creeping in to the national pundit conversation.

Well, the lefties are playing it up. The contention is that if Obama is ahead in the polls but does not win the election, then there will be riots.

What an insult to blacks. What a transparent effort to scare white voters.

Lefties are still incensed that Al Gore and John Kerry seemed destined for victory according to the polls, but then lost. They know they can count on favorable poll numbers again. So the argument is that the only way Obama loses is if whites are telling pollsters they'll vote for him, but in the secrecy of the voting booth they vote for the white guy.

Left to think for themselves, I don't think African-Americans operate with a win-or-riot mentality. However, if enough voices work hard enough to convince them that the first black presidential candidate was robbed if he loses, it's possible that some people could fly off the handle.

I believe there are racist whites who will not vote for a black candidate. I believe there are as many or more whites who will vote for Obama because he is black. For some it's guilt, an internal concern that I might be racist if I vote against the black candidate. For others, it's feeling good about themselves for voting for a minority candidate.

Please understand, there are many white voters who believe Obama is the better candidate regardless of race. To the extent race is the determining factor, I think it's an even split, and might even break in Obama's favor. Much of the unusual enthusiasm and momentum that has fueled Obama's meteoric rise is precisely because he is black.

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OmaSteak said...

The national pundits are only repeating what the usual "race hustlers" are peddling...both on a national and local level. With the way McCain is floundering and running out of "resources", Obama losing in a close contest is growing much more unlikely. Although some individual big cities with large poor minority populations may see some if that specific state doesn't happen to go for Obama...Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. It wouldn't take much in one or more of those cities for an excuse to do some looting and burning.