Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scudder Bets It All on Destruction of Embryos

The Omaha World-Herald endorsed Earl Scudder in the District 1 race for the NU Board of Regents, citing his broad range of interests. Meanwhile Scudder is trying to make the race a single-issue referendum on destroying human embryos for stem cell research.

Scudder wrote to the Lincoln Journal Star about some researcher in another state saying in a university newsletter that he wants to use embryonic stem cells to cure Alzheimer's.

So what? This is part of the fairy tale campaign. Might help him get a grant, but check the actual data in the scientific research journals and web sites. Check with the national Alzheimer's Association, as Karen Noel pointed out in her recent LJS letter.

Also, Scudder said "scientists seek to use . . . embryos that otherwise would be discarded." He apparently is unaware of the push for cloning, which is proof that scientists are not content with fertility clinic leftovers. The push for cloning is part of the push toward systematic production and destruction of human embryos for stem cell research.

Scudder has billboards touting "life-saving research" and TV ads promoting the possibility of embryonic stem cells curing Alzheimer's disease, an assertion rejected by the research community, including the national Alzheimer's Association.

It's desperation. Scudder's opponent, Tim Clare, won the primary. Clare supports stem cell research, including the current policy of the NU system, but opposes changing that policy to allow destruction of embryos. The Scudder camp looked for a way to shake up the dynamics in the race. The answer: spin fairy tales about embryonic stem cells curing Alzheimer's and push people's emotional buttons.

What a shame if it will be if such a strategy works.

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OmaSteak said...

It's absolutely shocking!!! A politician using bogus agruments to push potential voter's emotional responses. Since when is this news??? It's like a certain candidate for county board thanking those underworked and overpaid county employees for "allowing" the commissioners to not raise our already astronomical property taxes for a year. There's a reason most candidates for political office are lawyers...they are professionally trained to present fiction as fact. I wonder which "smart" commissioner is going to be the first to announce a push for the assessors office to do a county wide residential property value reduction to recognize the dramatic changes in the residential real estate market that are happening even here??? Houses, both new and existing, are taking longer to sell and "price reductions" are common. When are our grossly overinflated residential property values going to reflect this new reality??? As for Scudder's campaign, just think of it as job security for your anti-embryonic stem cell research lobbying activities.