Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Presidential Debate Unexpectedly Good

I thought it was a solid performance by Barack Obama and John McCain, but I thought McCain answered questions more directly and ran circles around Obama when the discussion got down to specifics. Of course, I want McCain to win.

To all the people who say, "In a country of 300 million people, is this the best we can do for presidential candidates?" -- shut up. Unless your name is Newt Gingrich or Joe Lieberman -- or maybe Alan Keyes -- you could not have come close to matching the substance and potency of McCain and Obama on such a range of issues.

If this doesn't move voters toward McCain, then I don't know what will. I wish he would have hit Obama harder on being one of the last people on Earth we want in charge of our economy, but at least he clearly explained "the match that stared the forest fire" of economic crisis.

Obama said he would kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan regardless of whether Pakistan would allow us into the country to do it. McCain said Obama was talking like a loose cannon about war with Pakistan. Obama said no, but then he repeated his promise to kill bin Laden even if Pakistan did not want to cooperate. Well, then, that means violating Pakistan's sovereignty and inviting a military clash, doesn't it?

I thought it fit the pattern of McCain establishing himself as more fit to be commander-in-chief.

I'm no fan of McCain, but I thought he showed the right mix of spunk and sobriety.

I'll choose to pretend that the opening sequence, where McCain proposed some strange nationalization of home mortgages, did not happen. If forced to acknowledge that bizarre episode, I will give thanks that it was at the beginning rather than the end.

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OmaSteak said...

IMHO, the debate was a snooze-fest. Both candidates did little more than repeat their standard stump speech punch lines. McCain showed his liberal colors with his homeowner rescue bailout, something the most liberal senator refrained from doing. McCain is toast...sad but true. Obama is taking the right approach to the safe havens in Pakistan. We don't need the cooperation or permission from the government of Pakistan to destroy Taliban/AlQueda bases there. It's like VP Cheney told the ex-Pakistani president after 9/ work with us or we will bomb you back into the stone age. Destroying these bases in Pakistan is the only way to victory in Afghanistan.