Thursday, October 02, 2008

Politics Makes Strange Sign Fellows

This is an authentic picture of an array of signs in my neighbor's yard. Not only do you see Republican Maxwell ensconced among a bunch of Democrats. Look closely and you'll see my opponent, Marc Kraft!

I attended a campaign event for Marc in that neighbor's home a few years ago. One way of practicing neutrality is to not post either sign. Another way is to post them both. Hey, I had Marc on my radio show a few weeks ago. We entered the race as friends and I expect we will emerge from it the same.

OPPD board member Anne McGuire lives directly across the street from the sign placement.

That's the other side of the neighbor's corner lot. The house in which my parents lived for 29 years is in the background to the right.

Obama is swapped in for McGuire, but I'm still in the partisan minority.

You see all kinds of partisan sign mixtures, which really is the American way. You don't win in American politics unless you attract voters from both major parties. It had better be true for me because my county board district is majority Democratic.

I've had practice. I was registered as an Independent when I ran for the Nebraska Legislature in 2000. One lobbyist said, "If the Republicans vote for a Republican and the Democrats vote for a Democrat, who's left to vote for you?" I had to garner a lot of support from Republicans and Democrats to get elected.

It proves that voters tend to vote for the person rather than a party label.

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