Friday, October 31, 2008

Politics at Its Best

Could you stand something positive about political campaigning? The hit pieces against me have not diminished the warm glow that emanated from the Benson Baptist Church Monday night.

You should have been there. Peggy Gilmore and the Benson Neighborhood Association hosted a candidate forum. The whole food chain was invited, from the federal candidates down to those of us running for local offices.

It was not exciting. No sparks flew. But citizens stayed for 90 minutes and remained engaged the whole time. The host and audience of about 40 people asked intelligent questions. The candidates were articulate and classy.

When it was over, there was good-natured chit-chat and banter among politicians of all stripes, including adversaries in the same races, as we gathered our flyers and signs and walked to our cars.

When done right, politics can ennoble participants -- citizens as well as candidates. It doesn't have to be mud wrestling.

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OmaSteak said...

The lenses in your glasses must be rose colored...or you really have no burning ambition for higher office. There are and should be substantial differences between candidates for any office and the voters need to know those differences. Your opponent has given you a couple of hardball shots. You should have expected them given his political past. I don't understand how he has any traction with voters since he obviously likes the property tax and favors overlapping layers of costly and inefficient local government.