Monday, October 06, 2008

Palin in Omaha

Sarah Palin was on-message and dynamic. Is it enough?

My wife and high school son squeezed into the overflow room. I watched on computer.

It's not easy to impress a teenager, but my son was impressed. And he remembered the main points of her message -- lower taxes and energy independence.

My wife said Palin connected strongly and genuinely with everyone in the room.

Both said Palin has star quality above and beyond being a politician.

Her folksy comments get the most play, but I thought the key point was:

"The problem with our opponents' agenda is that higher taxes and bigger government and activist courts and a retreat from war -- that's not the right track for our country, that's another dead end."

Boom. That's it. I wouldn't mind a dash of pro-life mixed in, but that's the summary on which the vote should be decided.

I just wonder how much juice a vice presidential candidate can put into a presidential vote.

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