Friday, October 31, 2008

No More Mr. Nice Guy

It's been an eventful week. I expect to be sporting a pair of horns and a tail in the next Marc Kraft flyer.

I'm not repealing my ode to the Benson Neighborhood Association candidate forum, but a hit piece portraying me as the fixer for millionaires and political big shots requires an edgier response than is typical for me.

A third Kraft hit piece zinged me on three property-tax protests: the Witherspoon mansion, the state tax commissioner, and one in Ponca Hills where the cliff on which a home was perched collapsed. The assertion is that the board -- by the way, we operate by majority rule; no one commissioner gets to throw his weight around and grant unilateral favors to protesters -- was too generous in reducing valuations in those cases.

The cliff-collapse case speaks for itself. The problem with the other two was that county government screwed the taxpayer. Doesn't matter if the taxpayer is a millionaire or a tax commissioner or a cook at a fast food joint, if the government doesn't follow its own rules and keep its promises, the taxpayer deserves to win.

But there's no time to get into specifics in a radio ad, and I don't know what may surface next, so I recorded an all-purpose response that I affectionately call "Mud." It's the first time I've done anything like this, but I felt it was necessary to draw the line.

Here's the text:

I’m Douglas County Commissioner Chip Maxwell, I’m running for re-election to the county board, and I need a fire hose to wash off all the mud my opponent Marc Kraft is throwing at me.

I’ve held my tongue until now, but now I understand why Marc Kraft was one of the most divisive figures on the Omaha City Council and why he was voted out by his constituents. He distorts my record by neglecting to mention key facts that explain my votes and proposals on tough issues. And of course that’s the game – throw the mud late so there’s no chance to respond.

Please call me at my county board office or at home, both numbers are in the phone book, and I’ll be glad to visit with you about the parade of horribles trotted out by my opponent in recent days.

You know, we have a good thing going on the county board. Don’t let Marc Kraft do to the county board what he did to the city council.

I’m Douglas County Commissioner Chip Maxwell and I would appreciate your vote. Paid for by Maxwell for County Board.

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OmaSteak said...

I see the rose colored tint is off those lenses now...LOL!!! I'd have posed the question, "Why does Marc Kraft like taxing the value of your house?" and "Why does Marc Kraft like having you pay higher taxes than necessary to support two unneeded overlapping levels of local government?" But then again, I'm the prince of darkness...LOL!!!